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RESI Conference 2017 :: RESI Proptech Stream
Welcome to the RESI Conference

RESI PropTech stream – in association with Osborne Clarke

Each session will consist of a 15 minute TED Talk-style lecture in the Speaker’s Corner section of the exhibition hall. Interaction will be encouraged from the floor, with short Q&As held after every talk. In addition to the main hall where the summit will take place; there will be an opportunity for exhibitors to take demonstration space in the exhibition hall where attendees will be able to get hands on with some of the technology being discussed.

Thursday 14th September


How can you turn big data into big bucks?

Data is like oil – it’s easy to mine, but it’s difficult to process and realise its full value. Property companies have been successful at accumulating data for years, but to date the industry has failed to generate sufficient rewards from it. This session will show how property companies can capture and extract maximum value from their data by using the latest generation software products.


AR and VR – the new reality for property marketing

To date augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies have been viewed as ‘gimmicks’ and ‘big boys toys’ rather than serious business tools. However, that’s about to change. The latest generation of AR/VR tools offer the industry numerous benefits. From the ability to show prospective customers around residential properties without the need to construct expensive showrooms, through to allowing customers to generate customised fit outs or designs, these virtual tools are fast becoming reality.


The Proptech tools set to change the BTR market 

The internet of things is revolutionising the way people live their lives. Today you can control appliances within your own home wherever you are in the world. Technology is also poised to change the way landlords manage the buildings themselves. There are a growing number of Proptech start-ups launching clever software products and apps that allow landlords to remotely manage their portfolios and their relationships with their tenants. This session will showcase some of the companies at the cutting edge of this rapidly emerging proptech sub-sector.


Is blockchain a residential game changer?

Experts believe that blockchain could revolutionise the residential sales process. The technology offers all people in a transactional chain full transparency over the progress of a contract. It may be a few years before blockchain starts to truly make inroads into the UK residential sector, but property players in other countries around the world are already starting to embrace it. So when will its impact start to be felt on these shores and how will it change the way the market currently operates?


Friday 15th September


Welcome to the construction site of the future

Modular construction is already starting to change the way that we create residential buildings, but there are seismic shifts afoot that could completely revolutionise the construction process. From the use of drones to monitor progress being made on site, through to smart helmets and gloves for workers, the use of 3D printing to create bespoke building parts and beacon technology that will aid architects, developers and contractors in the design and construction of space. The construction site of the future will look very different from the one of today. 


The RESI Proptech Stream is in association with Osborne Clarke:

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