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RESI Conference 2017 :: RESI proptech stream
Welcome to the RESI Conference

RESI proptech stream – in association with Osborne Clarke

Each session will consist of a 15 minute TED Talk-style lecture in the Speaker’s Corner section of the exhibition hall. Interaction will be encouraged from the floor, with short Q&As held after every talk. In addition to the main hall where the summit will take place, there will be an opportunity for exhibitors to take demonstration space in the exhibition hall where attendees will be able to get hands on with some of the technology being discussed.

Thursday 14th September


How to use data to find the best opportunities

Data is like oil – it’s easy to mine, but it’s difficult to process and realise its full value. Property companies have been successful at accumulating data for years, but to date the industry has failed to generate sufficient rewards from it. This session will show how property companies can capture and extract maximum value from their data by using the latest generation software products.

Speaker:  Jonny Britton, Co-Founder & CEO, Land Insight


AR and VR – the new reality for property marketing

To date it’s been difficult to find a real world use for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). However, that is starting to change. The latest generation of AR/VR tools offer the industry numerous benefits. Opportunities to show prospective customers around properties without the need to construct expensive showrooms, opportunities to generate customised fit outs or designs, even opportunities to explore the very fabric of a new home. These virtual tools are fast becoming reality. This session will peel back some of the mystique and debunk
some of the myths about what can, can’t and is about to be done.

Speaker:  Stewart Bailey, Managing Director, Virtual Viewing


The proptech tools set to change the BTR market 

Wi-Fi controlled lighting, Smart Metering, automated door entry and ultra-fast Wi-Fi are all examples of the cutting-edge technology that feature in Moda Living’s latest PRS development, Angel Gardens in Manchester.  By opting for  Smart Fibre Infrastructure™, a new and innovative single-fibre cabling solution that saves on cost, space and energy usage, learn how Moda and LivingCom are leading the way in combining modern technology with stylish, contemporary living spaces.

Speakers:  Meri Braziel, Director of Residential Services, CableCom Networking Ltd

                     Oscar Brooks, Acquisitions Director, Moda Living



Is blockchain a residential game changer?

Experts believe that blockchain could revolutionise the residential sales process. The technology offers all people in a transactional chain full transparency over the progress of a contract. It may be a few years before blockchain starts to truly make inroads into the UK residential sector, but property players in other countries around the world are already starting to embrace it. So when will its impact start to be felt on these shores and how will it change the way the market currently operates?

Speaker:  Neil Singer, CEO, clicktopurchase 


Friday 15th September


Welcome to the construction site of the future

Modular construction is already starting to change the way that we create residential buildings, but there are seismic shifts afoot that could completely revolutionise the construction process. From the use of drones to monitor progress on site, through to smart helmets and gloves for workers, the use of 3D printing to create bespoke building parts and beacon technology that will aid architects, developers and contractors in the design and construction of space. The construction site of the future will look very different from the one of today. 

Speaker:  Sarah Halpin, Senior Structural Engineer, Ramboll


The RESI proptech stream is in association with Osborne Clarke:

Speaker profiles:


Jonny Britton is the Co-Founder and CEO of Land Insight. He​ has an MA Landscape Planning and Management and worked as ​a town planning consultant​ before moving into software development. He was voted a RICs future leader,​​is a black belt in judo​ and ​his dream is to watch Newcastle United win the Champions League. 

Stewart Bailey has been managing director of Virtual Viewing for the past 15 years. During this time Virtual Viewing has transformed from a web design agency into an international market-leading solutions provider specialising in the Construction and Residential sectors.

Virtual Viewing is a pioneer in the development of technology for the Residential sector.  The compnay’s very first creation, back in 1997, SeeMeCD was the precursor for the industry’s drive into Virtual Viewings of homes.   That’s why the company is called Virtual Viewing!

Stewart himself has been hailed as a PropTech Revolutionary by Property Week in an article on the future of Tech in the industry.

An exciting speaker, engaging presenter and certainly no stranger to iconoclastic views, Stewart will be presenting Virtual Viewing’s  brand new VirtualView™ app and discussing the trajectory of tech for the residential market.

Meri Braziel, Director of Residential Services,CableCom Networking Ltd

Meri Braziel is Director of Residential Services at Cablecom and responsible for the company’s projects in the Build to Rent sector. With over 25 years in the global telecommunications and ICT industry, she has held several Managing Director and CEO roles of technology companies in the UK. From 2011-2015, Meri was CEO of Keycom plc, an internet service provider to public sector organisations, including higher education, military, and hospital accommodation. She is also a co-founder of the networking group, Women in Telecom and Technology. 

Oscar Brooks, Acquisitions Director, Moda Living

Responsible for a pipeline GDV of £1.45 billion, Oscar Brooks is Acquisitions Director at Moda Living – one of the UK’s leading Build to Rent developer and operators. One of the company’s founding members, he has been a driving force behind the creation of the Moda brand. Taking an active role in all parts of the business, Oscar is heavily involved in everything from marketing and customer experience to operations, as well as heading up Moda’s prop tech strategy.

With over 10 years cross-sector experience, Oscar has worked on large scale infrastructure projects including stadiums, institutional assets, industrial space, office development and high-density city centre residential.

Moda Living is a UK market leader with a high-profile pipeline of city centre development sites across Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and the South-East totalling more than 6,000 units.

Neil Singer, CEO, clicktopurchase

Neil Singer has worked in the property industry for over 25 years.  He set up Singer Vielle, a niche investment agency, over 20 years ago which in more recent years has adopted a highly technologically-driven approach to the marketing of property.    More recently he has developed the clicktopurchase® platform which uniquely provides the facility for a legally binding exchange of contracts to be conducted online as part of the sales process.  He is currently involved with a Blockchain development project.

Sarah Halpin, Senior Structural Engineer, Ramboll

Sarah Halpin is a Senior Structural Engineer at Ramboll, specialising in offsite construction methods and cross laminated timber (CLT). With more than six years’ experience designing in CLT Sarah has played a pivotal role in numerous projects; including her current role as project engineer for Beechwood West, an offsite CLT modular solution for 250 homes in the Southeast.  Sarah is passionate about offsite construction techniques and how, when combined with a digital approach, they can create homes quickly and efficiently responding to contemporary housing shortages. Sarah is one of Ramboll’s innovative new leaders who together have developed a suite of advanced digital tools to revolutionise the way we design, plan and build. Created to solve real-life engineering and construction challenges, they allow multiple design options to be modelled and analysed faster and earlier.

During Sarah's talk she will discuss how rapid advances in computational design and the development of non-traditional construction approaches can assist in meeting the increasing demands created by the ever-present crisis in housing availability. 


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