Paul Rogers
Whittam Cox Architects

Paul has experience of designing and delivering complex, challenging and often innovative projects, predominantly in urban locations. His sector experience is diverse and includes residential, commercial, mixed-use, cultural and education uses.  

His project delivery experience alongside skills and passion for the design process, enables him to lead and inform complex designs, from inception, with quality, integrity and authenticity.  Noteworthy projects Paul has previously been involved with include the Sage in Newcastle, Capital City Academy in London and Park House in London.

Paul leads Whittam Cox’s London studio and the service delivery in the South East region. In addition, he fulfils a business-wide role in helping to lead and promote design across all areas. Paul’s most recent work focus has been on large scale urban master planning and residential design with a consistent theme on the evolving growth of Build to Rent in the UK marketplace.  Another common theme that runs through Paul’s work is a drive to utilise technology to help define and optimise efficiencies in the design process. This has led to the use of off-site construction techniques over a number of projects that have enabled the control of quality, cost and time, without compromise of the original design intent.

Paul’s design philosophy and approach seeks to draw on extensive experience of delivering complex sites, with commercial understanding and design-led thinking; alongside a very clear view that buildings are fundamentally about people and human experience.