Tracy Peacock
Director, Build to Rent

Tracy has been a solution oriented service employee in residential leasing offering for over 23 years with cumulative experience predominantly in the areas of multi-unit residential management, marketing, business development, construction/ refurbishment, strategic lease up planning, lease contract management, quality control and assurance, customer service and resident relations in the real estate industry. Working in the US she is a known expert in managing clients expectations, implementing policies and procedures for increasing productivity, product quality and customer service in the build to rent market. She brings with her sound knowledge of monthly and quarterly reporting of financials to owners and supervisors, as well as, leasing and closing ratio performance acceleration with involvement at the inception of the development. Her extensive experience in accomplishing financial objectives by closing traffic, positioning rent strategies, forecasting requirements for the rental experience, preparing annual budgets, scheduling expenditure and reporting variances brings the opening of 40 plus large scale buildings in the US to the UK.