RESI Podcasts

Get a taste of the discussion and debates due to take place this September during the RESI Convention, as Andrew Teacher interviews RESI thought leaders.

  • RESIcast: Trailblazers - Diversity and innovation in the property industry Listen here > 

James Hyman, head of residential of Cluttons and Ayra Taware, founder of FutureBricks, discuss diversity and innovation in the property industry.

Speaking ahead of this year’s RESI Convention, Neal Gemassmer, vice president, international of Yardi and Savannah de Savary, founder of Built-ID, discuss prop-tech and how investors make profit from the new emerging trends affecting residential property.

  • RESIcast: The evolving UK housing sector and the role housing associations can play Listen here > 

Kush Rawal, commercial director of SoResi, and Martin Bellinger, executive chairman of Guildmore, discuss the role of housing associations in the ever-changing UK housing sector.

  • RESIcast: Is 'home ownership at all costs?' the best policy for Britain? Listen here > 

Andrew Teacher is joined by Natalie Elphicke, chief executive of the Housing and Finance Initiative whose stated mission is boost the capacity and delivery of housing, and Phil Laney, founder and CEO of Lyvly, a co-living platform that helps renters find high-quality shared living accommodation. Phil and Natalie discuss whether home ownership is the best policy to solve the UK's housing crisis.

Graham Chilver (Barclays), Alex Notay (Places for People) and Richard Jackson (Apache Capital) discuss the rise (and financing!) of build-to-rent developments across the UK.

  • RESIcast: Mixed Use - the changing face of Britain's town centres Listen here >

Johnny Caddick (Moda), Alex Notay (Places for People) and Jo Moon (Whitbread) discuss the changing face of Britain's high streets.

  • RESIcast: Introducing an exciting new wellness partnership between Moda and Hero! Listen here >

Johnny Caddick (Moda), Richard Jackson (Apache Capital) and Joe Gaunt (Hero) to discuss their exciting new partnership!

Moda, a build-to-rent developer creating thousands of homes for rent, has announced a partnership with Hero, a new digital wellness company founded by WeWork’s former boss.